Commercial Refrigeration: Sales, Maintenance & Repairs Brisbane QLD


Commercial Refrigeration Sales & Installation Brisbane

ACRO builds commercial cold rooms, walk-in-coolers, freezer rooms and commercial refrigeration systems throughout SE Queensland, from Coolangatta to Rockhampton, 

We can help you design a commercial refrigeration system from the ground up, or we can put in replacement commercial refrigeration units based on your current system. Since 1972, we have specialised in installing commercial refrigeration systems such as:

  • Display fridges and cabinets
  • Commercial Walk-in Cold Rooms & Freezers
  • Restaurant Refrigeration and fridges
  • Supermarket Refrigeration
  • Big Box Store Refrigeration
  • Bakery Refrigeration


We pride ourselves on providing clean, quiet, non-disruptive commercial refrigeration installation services that don’t get in the way of your ability to keep your business running. If you don’t see the commercial refrigeration system you need on the list, contact us to talk about your preferences.


High quality commercial refrigeration installations will help you:

  • Obtain reliable temperature control by maintaining accurate and safe temperatures that will prevent spoilage, bacterial growth and food-borne illnesses
  • Extend the shelf life of your goods and reduce food waste
  • Deliver cost savings through energy efficient commercial refrigeration systems
  • Reduce downtime, and improve business continuity

Our standard inclusions provide energy efficient refrigeration plant, calculated to the correct heat load, appropriate to the rooms design, insulation, environment, usage and the product characteristics. Good practice installation and commissioning procedures contribute to the energy efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment; such as, best selection of the evaporator and consideration of its position inside the cold room or freezer, insulation, sealing of joints and energy efficient interior lighting.

We are able to provide further options for energy savings with new emerging technology, such as variable speed compressors that offer better temperature control and improved efficiency. Energy efficient glass doors, or the installation of a PVC strip curtain to door openings can substantially reduce running costs. Installation of a door limit switch will prevent issues with refrigeration equipment icing up, unnecessary call outs and extra load on the refrigeration equipment.

ACRO Refrigeration has 50 years experience in all types of commercial refrigeration installation, large and small, from cool rooms, cold rooms, freezer rooms, wine rooms, display cabinets, glycol systems, process chillers, ice machines and many other forms of commercial refrigeration in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Queensland.

We have built working relationships with a number of leading commercial builders which has allowed us to hone our project work allowing us to deliver on time and within budget for many large scale commercial refrigeration installations.

Acro Refrigeration also offers service and maintenance. Our highly skilled and fully qualified service department currently maintain a variety of equipment for over 350 Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast businesses in Queensland ranging from hotels, restaurants, seafood wholesale/retail, florists to schools, universities, labs and government agencies.

If you are seeking a high quality commercial refrigeration solution, contact us today !