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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs & Maintenance Brisbane 

If you need a commercial refrigeration repairs or cold room/cool room breakdown refrigeration repair service company in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast NOW – call us on 1300 227 600 for an immediate response. 

All brands. Same day service.

Refrigeration Mechanics Brisbane

Same Day Breakdown Fix, Repair & Service of commercial refrigeration, cold rooms, freezers, blast chillers, commercial fridges, under bench fridges, blast freezers, ice machines, glycol units, display cabinets, and chillers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Our modern commercial refrigeration service and repair team come completely equipped to offer a rapid response to any commercial refrigeration service or breakdown repair 24 hrs/day 7 days a week.

  • We fix commercial refrigeration equipment breakdowns and failure
  • We repair commercial refrigeration doors, and replace seals
  • We repair cold room panel failures
  • If your commercial refrigeration equipment appears to be working but the temperature or humidity is wrong, we can identify and fix the problem for you.

Call us on 1300 227 600 anytime for refrigeration service or breakdown repairs.  We always keep the most common parts in stock for fast replacement.

Our commercial refrigeration experts service, repair and fix all types of commercial refrigeration including:

  • Walk in coolers and freezers
  • large and small cool rooms
  • cold rooms and freezer rooms
  • wine rooms
  • commercial display cabinets and fridges, under-counter fridges, double door fridges, commercial beverage fridge, cake display cabinets, upright-vertical fridges, back bar, countertop, bar fridges
  • Commercial fridges Brisbane
  • Food display
  • Medical-Vaccine fridges and freezers
  • glycol systems
  • process chillers
  • ice machines
  • commercial freezers
  • commercial fridges
  • glass door fridges
  • Air dryers, line dryers
  • Fan motors
  • Ice machines
  • many other forms of refrigeration.
ACRO Refrigeration has been repairing and maintaining commercial refrigeration installations, machines and equipment since 1972!
Blue Cards (Working with Children)
All of our staff hold blue cards to enable them to service and repair commercial refrigeration and fridges in child care centres.

Identifying When It’s Time to Upgrade

So, how can you and your team identify when it’s time to consider upgrading your commercial refrigeration system? Keep an eye out for a few key indicators:

Temperature Troubles – If you notice inconsistent temperatures in your commercial refrigeration cold rooms or display cabinets, like warm spots or frozen areas, it’s a sign that your system might be struggling.

Excessive Energy Bills – A sudden spike in energy costs could mean your refrigeration system is working harder than it should, indicating inefficiency.

Frequent Repairs – If you find yourself frequently calling in refrigeration technicians for commercial refrigeration repairs, the costs could be adding up and investing in a new system might be the cost-effective solution.

Product Quality Concerns – If your products aren’t staying as fresh as they should, or you’re seeing an increase of spoilage, your commercial refrigeration may be failing to maintain a consistent temperature.

Expansion Plans – If you’re expanding your business or adding more inventory, your current system might not be able to handle the load.

Outdated Technology – If your commercial refrigeration system is an older model, it might lack the energy-saving features and smart technology that newer systems offer.

The cost of replacing walk-in coolers, cold rooms or a commercial freezer seems to exceed a repair, but the advice of our certified refrigeration technicians can put your mind at ease as you make the decision. The team at ACRO Refrigeration values integrity and trustworthiness overall, and we will look towards a fix before suggesting a costly replacement.

Many times, you will only be replacing the condenser or parts of the motor, rarely the body of the refrigerator, and that cost will most likely be less than a repair. If you have an older refrigerator, some supplies may be no longer available due to regulation changes, and replacement might be the only option.

Study your costs – from energy bills to repair costs – and see how much you save when replacing vs. repairing one of the common issues.

ACRO commercial refrigeration repairs are experts in all well known fridge and freezer brands like Bromic, Skope, Liebherr, Stoddart, Thermaster, Exquisite, ATOSA, IARP. F.E.D, Bonvue, ICS Pacific, Bonnet Neve, Anvil, Williams Refrigeration and many more!

In tandem with our breakdown service we currently have numerous maintenance agreements with customers which allows for a proactive approach to equipment management rather than the sometimes costly reactive work.

These agreements are built based on inspection and equipment appraisal which allows us to formulate custom service agreements specific to our clients requirements and situation.

Often recommendations from regular servicing are used for future work scheduling and budgetary planning.